Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: I've changed my email, my affiliation or somebody else will present the paper, can you change my personal details?
    Answer: You can change all personal information yourself by editing the "Personal information modification" form. First log-in to the system with an existing login (ID) click on the "Personal information modification" item, change whatever you want and submit the form again. If you are changing your email (login) you should refer to item 5 on this page, where is detailed description how to do it. Especially don't forget to close your browser window and open new one after you submit the form and it's recomended to clear browser history.

  2. Question: Where can I find the payment details for bank transfer?
    Answer: First you have to log-in to the system, then click on "Conference registration" item and scroll down at the bottom of the form.

  3. Question: How do I upload my full text?
    Answer: First log in to the system. After successful login, you will see a menu with the option "Full Paper Upload". Click on it. The following message depends on how many abstracts you have submitted:
    1. You have submitted no abstract, so this part of help is unnecessary :)
      After clicking to this option, a message that you have no abstract submitted is displayed

    2. You have one abstract. You see only the short text information of whether you have already uploaded a paper related to your abstract or not and the title of your abstract. Below it is a small window where you can write a text and two buttons. The first button is called "Browse". Click on it and a dialog window "File Upload" appears, where you can browse files on your disk and choose the file you want to upload. When you are done, click "Open" in the dialog window. Now you see the filename including the full path to it in a small text window on the left of the button. The next button, "Upload File", sends your paper to us. Please wait until uploading is finished !! It may také several minutes. (The system displays a short message after successful upload that includes the title and size of you paper. Please check the filesize.) If the message displayed to you is an error message or the system displays no message, your file was not uploaded. Usually, the error messages describe the problem enough to allow you to solve it yourself (For example: "Your file isn't valid pdf format" message means that you tried to upload a non-pdf file (*.doc etc)). If you receive another error message, copy it and send to webmaster.

    3. You have more than one abstract: The upload process is quite easy in this case as well. First, you have to choose the abstract related to the paper you wish to upload. After clicking "Full Paper Upload" in the main menu, you will see a table. The first column contains information as to whether you have already uploaded a paper or not, second column is a block of radio buttons through which you choose the abstract, and finally the third column contains the titles of your abstracts. Each row contains information to one of your abstracts. Below the table is the same text field and the two buttons as described in previous point 2. First click on the "Browse" button to choose the file you want to upload and select the file corresponding to the abstract chosen in the table. Then click on the second button "Upload File" and wait until the system displays a message informing you of a successful upload process.

  4. Question: What browsers are supported?
    Answer: We recommend to use Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) version 5.x or higher, Netscape Comunicator (NC)version 6.x or higher, Mozilla 1.x.
    Please avoid using MSIE 4.x or NC 4.x (these browsers are obsolette) or Opera 7.x (only Linux version, MS Windows version works fine), we have problems reported.

  5. Question: Why the system didn't send me an email after my registration (abstract submission, exhibition registration...)?
    Answer: The problem is probably caused by incorrect login name. It must be your entire valid email address not just your name. You can change your login name in the "Personal Information Modification" menu.
    First log in to the system (with your old login ID), in the main menu click on the link "Personal Information Modification" (Please do NOT use the "Personal Registration" link which can be found on the page before you log in to the system, it is ONLY for NEW registrations and if you fill it, you make a new account, and everything including your abstract, congress or exhibition registration form will be still attached to your old account!! Tip: If the form displayed is completely empty, do NOT submit it nor fill it, because it's a wrong form!). Edit the form with your personal information, mainly change your login (email) ;) Then submit the form and go back to the main menu. Now delete your web browser history, close the window and open a new one, and log into the system again (with new login name). After successfull log in, you'll see your new login name on the top of the page as: Registered user's ID: .... Please send an notification email to webmaster after you change your login, you'll receive confirmation email(s) quickly. If you fail, contact webmaster for help. Don't forget to write your login and your name in the body of your email.

  6. Question: I forgot my password. What should I do?
    Answer: Feel free to contact our webmaster. In this case, don't forget to write your login and name in the body of the email and the fact that you forgot your password. It's not necessary to make a new account.

  7. Question: Inter-Noise web doesn't work properly, what should I do?
    Answer: Before sending compliant to our webmaster, please be sure that:
      1. you delete your web browser history so that you see the actual version of the www pages.
      2. you have cookies allowed in your browser settings
      3. you're using standard security level (if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer) and not higher, otherwise the system isn't able to write your information into our database.
      4. We recommend to use Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) version 5.x or higher, Netscape Comunicator (NC)version 6.x or higher, Mozilla 1.x.
      Please avoid using MSIE 4.x or NC 4.x (these browsers are obsolette) or Opera 7.x (only Linux version, MS Windows version works fine), we have problems reported.
      5. you read this page and the response to your problem isn't mentioned here.
      When you contact our webmaster, please describe your problem briefly but don't forget to mention any useful information (like your web browser version, when the bug occurs etc.)