City of Prague

Commanding the Prague skyline is the magnificent silhouette of Prague Castle, the historical symbol of the Czech state, dating in parts to the tenth century.

St. George's Basilica inside the complex of Prague Castle provides a further example of Prague's architectural wonders.


The view from the Castle is equally captivating, taking in the Vltava River and its many bridges - the most famous being the medieval Charles Bridge (second from bottom).


A delight for all visitors is the reconstructed astronomical clock on the Gothic Old Town Hall.


As viewed from the tower of the Old Town Hall, the historical centre of Prague boasts a breathtaking variety of architectural styles, from the severe Gothic of the Týn Church and the ancient Powder Tower (right) to the colourful Renaissance and Baroque facades of the Old Town Square.

In another view from the Old Town Hall, the Baroque theatricality of St. Nicholas's Church contrasts with the 19th-century calm of "Pařížská" (Paris) Street.

A reviving spirit of enjoyment is evident in nearly every corner of Prague: from elegant cafes to traditional Bohemian inns, from the finest restaurants to the sausage-stands....

Testifying to Prague's lively cultural scene is the Rudolfinium: the home of the Czech Philharmonic and the city's most prestigious concert venue, it will also host the opening ceremony of InterNoise 2004

The modern campus of the Czech Technical University is where InterNoise 2004 will be held.