Structured sessions

No. Structured Session Session Organizer(s)
NS1 Fan Noise Jean Tourret
NS2 Recent Ways to Reduce Transportation Noise Michel Vallet
NS3 Tire/Road Noise Gijsjan van Blokland, Yasuo Oshino
NS4 Quiet Traffic Heinrich B Weyer
NS5 Interior Noise in Aircrafts and Cars Victor V. Krylov
NS6 Vibro-Acoustic Sources Michael Bockhoff
NS7 Road Traffic Noise - Prediction Methods Kohei Yamamoto, Hans van Leeuwen
NS8 Low Noise Road Surfacings Gijsjan van Blokland, Yasuo Oshino
NS9 Models and Experiments to Characterise Tyre/Road Noise Wolfgang Kropp
NC1 Outdoor Noise Propagation and Quiet Areas Keith Attenborough, Mike Fillery
NC2 Facade Insulation: Regulation, Control and Practice Gerrit Vermeir, Marion Burgess
NC3 Building Structural Isolation George P. Wilson
NC4 Virtual Acoustic Prototyping Goran Pavic
VS1 Vibration Isolation Ulrich J. Kurze
PA1 Classification and Regulation of Sound Insulation Hideki Tachibana, Birgit Rasmussen
PA2 Soundscape and Community Noise Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Kozo Hiramatsu, Paul Shomer
PA3 Soundscape Support to Health Tor Kihlman
PA4 Acoustic Comfort in Buildings Jens Holger Rindel, John Bradley
PA5 Sound Insulation with New Building Materials and Constructions Dan Brosted Pedersen, Werner Scholl
PA6 Airport Noise Ichiro Yamada
EN1 Product and Sound Design Ute Jekosch
EN2 Psychoacoustics and Noise Evaluation Hugo Fastl, Sonoko Kuwano
EN3 The Critical Issue of Noise at European Airports Delia Dimitru
EN4 Non-acoustics Factors of Noise Annoyance: Strength and Scope Eveline Maris, P.J.M. Stallen
EN5 Community Responses to Combined Noise Exposures Truls Gjestland, Larry Finegold
EN6 Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise S. Rasmussen, John Hinton
EN7 Sleep Disturbance Larry Finegold, Willy Passchier-Vermeer
AN1 Analysis, Measurement, and Control of Structural Intensity S. I. Hayek
AN2 Sound Power Measurements Jiri Tichy, Stephen Keith
AN3 Sound Power Determination by Sound Intensity Hideo Suzuki, Stephen Keith
AN4 Laboratory and Field Measurements of Sound Insulation Junich Yoshimura
AN5 Instrumentation and Standards Hiro Takinami
RE1 Global noise policies - general Bill Lang, Tjeert ten Wolde
RE2 Global noise policies - occupational Bill Lang, Tjeert ten Wolde
RE3 Global noise policies - environmental Tjeert ten Wolde
RE4 Global noise policies - consumer products Tjeert ten Wolde
RE5 European noise policies  
Noise Mitigation Measures and Their Effectivness Christian Popp, Edgar Wetzel

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